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Sundarban Honey


Sundarban Honey

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Sundarban Honey is a remarkable, complex natural liquid reported to contain at least 181 substances

[1]. The supersaturated solution consists of fructose (38%) and glucose (31%) as the major constituents, whereas the rest of the solution’s composition is constituted by minor constituents such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, certain antioxidant enzymes such as glucose oxidase and catalase, carotenoid-like substances, organic acids, and Maillard reaction products

[2]. The minor constituents are reported to be mainly responsible for the antioxidant properties of honey

[3]. Honey itself is a unique compound because of its highly variable composition, which depends on its floral source, although other factors such as environment, season, and processing may also have significant effects on the composition of honey

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2 reviews for Sundarban Honey

  1. Pranabesh Rakshit

    I am a recident of Siliguri,had purchased 1 Kg Sundarban Honey, delivered in due time with well packed moreover the quality was Outstanding.

  2. Madhab Chandra Sarkar

    Packing Very Good and Honey quality very good…..

    • admin

      Thank You

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