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Discovering the Royal Sundarban Honey Truths

Sunderbans is one of the most alluring places in this world. It has a mystic charm about it and mysteries abound in its dense forests. It is exactly as its name suggests – Sunder Ban meaning Beautiful Forest. The Sundarbans play an important role in the economy of the southwestern region of Bangladesh as well as in the national economy. We are Honey Bazzar founder of a Sundarban Honey that is completely transparent in its functioning; we get many calls in a day from our potential customers asking us about how to serve the best Honey and how to identify it.

Honey & Spice sells mainly Raw Honey, which is Honey in its pure original form with nothing added or removed from it. The popular brands sell only processed Honey which is not really Honey as all the beneficial enzymes, pollen etc get’s destroyed in the processing and the resulting Honey is more of a sugar syrup. Sundarban Honey is Honey the way it is in the Hive with all the beneficial pollen, enzymes etc intact.

What is so special about our Honey?

Honey Bazzar selling only pure Honey .The only way to really know the purity of Honey is to chemically test it in a laboratory (none of the other methods are accurate), that is why we test every batch of our Honey in a FSSAI & Agmark approved lab before bottling it.  The trust of our customers is the single most important thing for us and we will do everything possible to keep that trust strong. You can blindly trust that anything you purchase from the Sundarban Honey & Spice will be of the highest quality.This can happen fully or partially in a jar of Honey and our customers usually tend to doubt the quality of the product the moment they see the Honey turn like this. However, only pure raw Honey will crystallise like this and popular brand’s Honey will not crystallise as they add anti granulation chemicals to keep the Honey in liquid form throughout the year.  

So next time if you see a jar of Honey that is crystallised do not conclude that it is adulterated, it might actually be pure Honey. Brands usually add anti granulation chemicals in the Honey to prevent the granulation/crystallisation. However, not all honey that is in liquid form is processed because the composition of Honey (the ratio of fructose & glucose) and the storage temperature determines whether the Honey will crystallise or not. When you buy from Sundarban Honey & Spice you really don’t have to worry about whether the honey is pure or not because as a brand, purity is our highest priority. And how do we ensure this quality? We subject every batch of honey to complete analysis before bottling to ensure its 100% pure. Also we personally know every place from where the honey is harvested. So we would say you can blindly trust Honey Bazzar because what we sell really is Honey straight from the Bee Hives to the bottles. 

Honey Bazzar

We are Indian beekeeper. We have own bee box. We collect honey different parts of India. Our all natural single origin honey is unique by its flavour, quality, density & benefits. we sells best quality raw honey, organic pure honey,100% pure natural honey from honeycomb in India. Our main motive is give best quality honey every Indian hand at reasonable price. We have more than 1200+ satisfied customers all over the India. People like us for our Honesty Genuinity & Good Quality pure Honey.

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