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Organic Ghee is clarified butter that is considered to be a vital source of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and antioxidants for the human body. Unlike normal ghee, A2 Organic Ghee from Honey Bazzar provides healthy fat to the body and assures that the body is absorbing more nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

What is the recommended amount of ghee to add to your food?

Many people think that consuming ghee might lead to excessive weight gain but the reality is that if taken with any one of your meals every day it will surely be beneficial for an individual’s health. The nutrients contained in organic ghee play a dominant role in boosting immunity. Organic ghee is indeed an effective and healthy supplement for health.

How is Honeybazzar A2 Ghee made?

Honeybazzar A2 Ghee is made with the nutrient-preserving ‘Bilona Churning Process’ from the milk of grass-fed cows whose first milk is fed to their calves. It is superior in quality and contains essential macro and micro nutrients, A2 protein and other growth nutrients that meet the body’s daily dietary requirements and provide rejuvenation support for improved cognitive and neurological functions. Our ghee is beneficial for individuals of all ages, but is particularly good for developing youngsters

What are the health benefits of Honey Bazzar’s A2 Organic Ghee?

  • A keen source of healthy fat: Organic Ghee is one of the most prescribed sources of healthy fat thus if you want to improve your physical health without harming your body you should surely go for the product.
  • Contains Essential Vitamins: Healthy livers, balanced hormones, and fertility are governed by nutrients found in ghee, which are essential oil-soluble vitamins.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: There is evidence that ghee contains butyrate, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that is capable of pacifying inflammation.
  • Reduces risks of dangerous diseases: The anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E in ghee reduce cancer risk, arthritis, heart disease, and cataract risk.

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