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Kashmir Acacia Honey

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In Kashmir, the primary source of nectar for bees is acacia flowers and the Kashmir Acacia Honey from Honey Bazzar is a unifloral honey.

Do you know that acacia flowers itself have numerous medicinal properties? It is often used for treating diarrhea, menstrual disorders, bad cholesterol, oral health, swelling, and many more.

Why Kashmir Acacia Honey is the best?

Honey Bazzar’s Kashmir Acacia Honey is one of the best and most popular varieties. It is lighter in color as compared to normal honey and tastes far sweeter than any other honey. The texture is very creamy and a little transparent with a flowery aroma.

What are the benefits of Acacia Honey?

  • Treats acne: Kashmir Acacia Honey is praised for treating acne and giving you clear skin. It is thus also used in some beauty products.
  • Helps in quick healing of wounds: Because of its antibacterial properties, it helps in the speedy healing of wounds.
  • Contains antioxidants: The product is rich in antioxidants that protect your blood cells from damage and therefore prevent diseases.
  • Acts as a pain reliever: It is often consumed by people to get instant relief from pain and is well-known as a natural ingredient to get relief from pain.
  • Help in weight loss: If you are following a restrictive diet but craving something sweet then Kashmir Acacia Honey can be the best sweetener for you.

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15 reviews for Kashmir Acacia Honey

  1. Anirudh

    This is very pure and silky, raw honey. The word ‘raw’ is very important here to take a note of.

  2. Chirag

    It is really original and pure.

  3. Tanya singh

    I have purchased this honey in 2017 & till today it has maintained its original state. will definitely buy again, also i will recommend others to go for it.

  4. Umesh Kumar

    I bought it for my friend and for my self to I had most honey in market they are not compared to this in test I have test the honey quality – I found it awesome. Recommended for others.

  5. Chikki sharma

    Use it every morning empty stomach and see the health effects of it. One can use it as replacement of sugar in green tea. Feels awesome.

  6. Tarsh vasisth

    I am also impressed by the package and it’s delivered safely. I am very happy with this product.

  7. Omkar Singh

    This honey has a rich, aromatic flavor and a deep amber color. Worth to buy this product.

  8. Ekta verma

    This honey helped me in my digestive problems to skin conditions.

  9. Anjali Patel

    Honey bazaar is providing so much quality honey at a very good price. Thanks

  10. Somveer pratap singh

    Kashmir acacia is natural remedy for sore throats and colds. I found it really pure & organic. Thanks

  11. Rishi kumar singh

    Want to taste real honey, go for it. I recommended, you will never regret.

  12. Zeeshan khan

    Nice flavour & taste

  13. Rashmika kapor

    ideal choice for sweetening dishes and desserts. I’m using it from years.

  14. Jasmeen

    This honey is really good in taste, & having lots of health benefits

  15. Faran malik

    If someone is looking from fresh honey at affordable cost. Buy from honey bazaar.

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