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Neem Honey

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What is Neem Honey?

Honeybazzar’s Neem honey is dark in color and has a rich natural dark caramelized flavor. It has a unique aroma that is warm and soothing. Its delicious flavor will transport you to another world, flooding your body and spirit with a tangle of untamed sweetness and a kaleidoscope of tastes. It’s also 100 percent organic, which means it’s devoid of any additional chemicals. All of the delicate enzymes and health-promoting characteristics acquired from the floral essences are preserved by keeping the honey raw and unheated.

What is Neem?

Neem is a tree that may be used for a variety of things. Its fruits are eaten raw or cooked, while the young stalks and blooms are occasionally eaten as vegetables. Neem leaves, bark, and seed extracts have been utilized in folk medicines in India for millennia. Azadirachtin, a limonoid chemical found in the seeds and to a lesser extent in leaves and other tissues, is a major source of azadirachtin. It works as an insect repellant.

What are the Uses of Neem Honey?

Neem honey has been used for centuries as a digestive aid and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Neem Honey is robust and rich honey that enhances the tastes of warm cereals and pancakes, as well as serves as a delectable baste for fish or meat.

It can be eaten straight from the package as well. Drink 1 tablespoon (5-15gm) of Neem honey mixed with hot water.

Neem honey may also be used to make a dessert dressing. It can also be used as a tea or coffee sweetener.

How Would Neem Honey Taste?

Warm tastes like caramel burned sugar, and black fruit will strike your taste receptors as soon as Neem honey touches them. You may also detect a strong sharpness incorporating copper and earthy characteristics, as the flavor develops in your mouth.

What are the Health Benefits of Neem Honey?

This combination of two healthy foods comes with a plethora of health benefits. We’ve compiled a list of some of them for you:

  • Hypertension Management: Neem Honey is a great way to control blood pressure.
  • Good for diabetes: Neem honey can be used as a sugar alternative in the diet of diabetics. Prior consulting with a physician is, however, advised.
  • Stress Management and Anti-depressant: It has been discovered that ingesting Neemproducts has the same anti-anxiety effect as ingesting Valium. Hence, Neem honey, which is a combination of Neem’s medicinal compounds and honey, helps to keep tension and anxiety at bay.
  • Healing of wounds: The application of Neem honey on the wounded region of your body speeds up the wound healing while subsidizing the inflammation caused by the wound because of the anti-inflammatory properties of Neem.
  • Relief in Respiratory Problems: The usage of Neem honey to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis is incredibly beneficial. The anti-inflammatory qualities of Neem honey help to relieve cough and cold symptoms, while the antiseptic properties of Neem in our Neem honey help to cleanse the human body system and improve general health.
  • Good for skin: The consumption of Neem honey in routine can improve the health of your skin.
  • Strengthens your immune system: A spoon of raw neem honey should be added to your diet a few months before allergy season to avert or alleviate the impacts of the allergy season.
  • Eyesight improvement, Weight management, digestion improvement are some other benefits that are related to the consumption of Neem honey.

What Should Be the Doses of Neem Honey?

  • Before breakfast or sleep, take 1 spoonful of Neem honey straight or with a glass of tepid water or milk. It will help you lose weight while also strengthening your immune system. Do not eat more than 2 spoons of Neem honey per day.
  • Or else, follow the doctor’s instructions for dosing.
  • If you are allergic to any of the constituents of our neem honey, get medical advice before using it.

Which Age Group Can Intake or Consume Neem Honey?

Neem honey should not be fed to children below one year of age as they cannot digest it. Aside from this age group, anyone can consume this superfood to increase their immunity and recharge their energy levels.

What is the Process of Neem Honey?

Our raw, 100 percent organic Neem Honey is obtained from beehives established by bees that are predominantly exposed to Neem blossoms that bloom on neem plants from January to May. Our Neem honey comes from our bee farm’s naturally occurring beehives. All of the delicate micronutrients, enzymes, and pollens are preserved in the neem honey collected from our bee farm’s beehives.

How to Buy Neem Honey?

Purchasing Neem honey from Honey Bazaar is a piece of cake. Here is a step-by-step instruction that will show you how to purchase Honeybazzar’s Neem honey in an easy and secure method.

  • Use the search function on our website to find Neem Honey.
  • Determine your required quantity.
  • Choose how many bottles of that quantity you want.
  • Press the Add to Cart button.
  • Select the Cart option in the top right corner of our website.
  • Enter the code of the discount coupon( if you have one).
  • Select “proceed to checkout.”
  • Fill in your billing details.
  • Select the payment mode and do the payment if you choose the online payment option.
  • Finally, place your order.

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